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Robert Ashley - QUICKSAND - (a Quadrants Series novel)

QUICKSAND  ISBN: 978-0-936050-32-4          EVENTS
author: Robert Ashley
152 pp., 6.875 x 4.25 in., offset, paper covers
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Quicksand was written to be an opera libretto. But it was written in the form of a novel. . . . I am devoted to “mystery” stories. I read them one after another, mostly two or three times. Some of the best writers today are writing in this form. So, I thought that I would try to make an opera libretto from a mystery story, told verbatim. That is, the libretto and the novel would be the same: no scenes moved around or actions adapted to the proportions of a libretto, just tell the story the way it’s told in the novel. But first I needed a novel. . . . So that meant I had to write a mystery novel. Where do you start? The answer is: I always need a “location” to be inspired to tell a story. Everything in the novel is true, except for a lot of the facts. —Robert Ashley

ROBERT ASHLEY is best known for his operas: epic prose poems he sets to music, which have been awarded, commissioned, and performed internationally for over forty-five years. He was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and he lives in New York City. This is his first novel.

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