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THE QUADRANTS SERIES - 5 books in a slipcase

THE QUADRANTS SERIES   ISBN: 978-0-936050-38-6  
BRONZE MEDAL WINNER in Anthologies, 2013 IPPY Independent Publisher Book Awards
WINNER in Cover & Jacket Design, Southwest Book Design & Production Awards for Excellence, 2012
$55.00 for the 5 book set in a slipcase

The Burning Books QUADRANTS SERIES is a boxed-set of pocket-sized debut novels by Robert Ashley, Sumner Carnahan, Thomas Frick, and L. K. Larsen. In addition to one novel, each author also contributes to Q+1: Short Works, which includes micro fictions, tall tales, absurdist prose, and classic short stories.

“I wanted to make an opera libretto from a mystery story, told verbatim. That meant I had to write a mystery novel. I found an inspiring location soon after I started looking. Everything in the novel is true, except for a lot of the facts.” —Robert Ashley
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A young scientist decides to “devote his life to finding her killer.” A tale of tragedy, betrayal, and redemption is revealed through David’s notebooks, and the diaries of a visionary Oaxacan girl, Colibri, who have two very different approaches to knowledge of the natural world.
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THE IRON BOYS is an eccentric monologue by one Corbel Penner who brings the reader deeply inside the mentality of another time. Corbel becomes a member of a quasi-Luddite band of rebels in the early 1800s. The story conveys the dislocations, the idiocies and inspirations, accruing as a social contract is frayed. (This book is out of print. The few remaining copies are only available in this limited edition boxed set.) read review's in EXPLORINGfictions and Chamber Four

IF NOTHING CHANGES On the day before the Chimayo Good Friday pilgrimage, five people are transformed during their journey through a mysterious sub-region of New Mexico. Saturated with landscape and history, the characters come to terms with addiction, death, loyalty, penitence, and forgiveness. “This lush, layered story of personal loss and discovery reveals the potent alchemy of life, time, and landscape.” Carmella Padilla

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