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She Dresses in Red: Three Artist Books

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stories: Melody Sumner Carnahan
design & illustration: Michael Sumner

Three Artist Books in a box. Each book is printed on found, previously printed paper.

THE CALL TO ORDER is printed on alternating pages from “Pokemon” and “Barbie” coloring books. The cover is acrylic on canvas with spiral wire binding.

AFTER LIFE is printed on actual pages from a star map atlas. The cover is made of etching felt, sewn as a Japanese binding.

DEAR MALE FRIEND is printed on actual pages from the Village Voice and is bound with silver rivets and a black neoprene rubber cover.

All the books in each edition are unique because the chance juxtapositions of the changing preprinted images and text with the “new” text and illustrations creates surprising connections.

The boxes that hold the three books are all constructed from FedEx shipping box cardboard. The full title of the boxed set is printed on a random page from a glossy magazine and glued to the front.

SHE DRESSES IN RED - the books
THE CALL TO ORDER - bastard title
THE CALL TO ORDER - title page
THE CALL TO ORDER - page spread 2-3
THE CALL TO ORDER - page spread 6-7
AFTER LIFE - bastard title
AFTER LIFE - title page
AFTER LIFE - illustration & first page
AFTER LIFE - page spread 8-9
DEAR MALE FRIEND - front cover
DEAR MALE FRIEND - bastard title
DEAR MALE FRIEND - title page
DEAR MALE FRIEND - illustration & first page
DEAR MALE FRIEND - page spread 10-11